Getting Started

Adelaide Towing and Car Removal, Adelaide, offers a quick way to getting started when Selling A Car to us. Within 24 hours of your appointment with us today, and your car can be sold! We pay up to $15,000 for any make, model, year & condition.

Getting started with Adelaide Towing and Car Removal, Adelaide, is easy & straightforward.

  1. Contact us at 0404 767 050 or fill out our online form on this page. We require car owners to provide us with the make, model, year and a complete description of the car to make an accurate quote. You can sell your Sedan, Truck, Bus, Light Truck, Forklift, 4WD, Motorcycle, SUV, Ute, etc.
  2. Accept or reject our Cash for Cars offer. We quote prices on any make & condition of your car; get top dollars quote up to $15,000 for your Used, Scrap, Accident, Wrecked, Salvaged, Unwanted, Old or Damaged Car today.
  3. Schedule a Free Car Removal. Our technicians work around the clock for our customers to be provided with collections at times that are convenient for them. At Adelaide Towing and Car Removal, we have a fleet of tow trucks fully equipped to load and tow cars of all sizes & weights; be it a Sedan, a forklift or a truck.
  4. Our car removals can typically be scheduled for the same day as an owner accepts our Cash for Cars quote. Removals, regardless of the number of cars, can be removed within 24 hours from your location.


Call Now : 0404 767 050

To sell your car to Adelaide Towing and Car Removal, we require the following information:

  1. The title of ownership or scrap certificate for the car.
  2. A photo ID
  3. The plate for the car to be removed. This will speed the transaction & will save a lot of time. If sellers are unable to remove the plates, we will remove them when we arrive.
  4. Permission for a tow truck to enter your area and have your car towed

Our technician will supply all necessary paperwork, completed by us, including a sales contract which both parties are required to sign before the cash exchange for the car. After the papers are signed, we’ll hand over the cash on the spot!

To sell your car to Adelaide Towing and Car Removal, we require the following information:

Our wreck yard is designed to provide eco-friendly Dismantling, Wrecking & Recycling of your car. Our trained & experienced wreckers will first safely dispose of any hazardous liquid & parts including battery, from your car and place it for Dismantling & Wrecking. We Recycling motor parts, tyres & Scrap Metal.

We handle all brands, national or international and Recycle for good use. We buy Toyota, Mazda, Audi, Nissan, Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, BMW, Suzuki, Subaru, amongst others.

Why Choose Us?

When you pick Adelaide Towing and Car Removal, you pick a company that works for sellers. Adelaide Towing and Car Removal targets to provide customers with quick & quality services all over Adelaide. Our services include:

  1. Car Wrecking
  2. Cash for Cars
  3. Unwanted Car Removals
  4. Scrap your Cars

Get started to sell your Unwanted, Wrecked car & get up to $15,000 cash in your hands today.

Call Now : 0404 767 050